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Production Tracker

An Excel spreadsheet to track your writing production.

Production Tracker Excel 2007

Click on the above link to download a copy of my free Production Tracker. You may have to access it from your downloads file to open it.


Romance Writers of America

Probably the best inspiration I've gotten in this industry has been contact with other authors, especially my local Olympia RWA chapter. At every turn, they motivate me to write and to constantly hone my skills. They are my sounding board and cheering section, as I am theirs. I strongly suggest, if you do not belong to a writer's organization, that you find one and interact with other authors. If you're local to the Olympia, Washington area, I highly recommend my friends at Olympia RWA. You can find out more about them here:

Olympia RWA

Editing Services

***Currently, I am not taking on new editing clients.***

I am passionate about every aspect of a book: beginning, middle, and end. I can't arrive to a movie five minutes late, have never been able to read the end of a book before the beginning, and am a strong believer in reading the book before seeing the movie.

Because of that, I want your story to shine. I've honed my ability to find the excellence in a story through years of experience as both a freelance and contract editor, as well as through my own experiences as an author.

My strengths are plot, characterization, emotional quotient, and cadence. I primarily provide content editing...a look at the overall picture and the little details to ensure consistency in plot and make certain your character's actions match his or her personality. That doesn't mean I'll let that exclamation point stay there, or that overused em dash or "but" remain. I pepper my review of your story with comments and line edits both. In short, I work with you to make your story the best it can be.

Pricing for content editing:
$2.00 per page
Substantive $3.00 per page
Beta reading offered at $1.00 per page

Included in this price:
An in-depth, line-by-line, read-through of the manuscript for: Plot, continuity, emotion, characterization, understandability, basic grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.
Discussion as needed over plot points and edits suggested.
Spot review of any sections requiring deep edits.
For more information, email
Before taking on new clients, I ask for a complete, ready to go first chapter to review and return with my comments. This way, we can be certain we work well together.